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About Mitchell PR

Suzie Mitchell

I am a Baby Boomer who loves new technology.  But like others in my generation, I’m skeptical.  The technology has to work and it has to be easy to use.

It’s not surprising that most tech companies focus on Early Adopters, but what about when the time comes to cross the chasm?

As a  Boomer expert with more than 25 years of professional public relations and marketing research experience– I know that my generation discovers, evaluates, and engages with new products in a manner meaningfully different from other audiences.

Compared with Generations X and Y, Boomers respond to different stories told through different channels, validated by different communities. Put simply, when it comes to marketing to Boomers, the kids just don’t understand.

But they need to. Boomers are by any measure the most valuable cohort of American society, representing 78 million wallets. We have a career’s worth of earnings to spend on products that can help us monitor, support, and connect with our parents, children, friends, medical specialists, health and wellness products, stores, magazines and more.

We love our tablets and smartphones and fill them with apps.  In fact, I write an App of the Week Blog for AARP, giving Boomers insight into the latest and greatest mobile apps in the marketplace.

For any consumer internet company seeking to reach critical mass, it is essential it captures the Boomer audience.  We are a greenfield neglected by most tech entrepreneurs.

If your company wants to explore  into the Boomer market, contact us.

Mitchell PR, which is a division of Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc., specializes in helping  companies market mobile apps to Baby Boomers.  Sure, there are plenty of pr agencies out there that will market your products to tech pubs, but if you really want to reach Boomers call us.  We are Boomers, we know what Boomers read and we know how to Get Boomers.

We  offer marketing and public relations consulting for new product launches, pivots and expansions to the Baby Boomer audience.  We have a  large network of national media contacts  trusted by Boomers. We know how to deliver compelling stories to these contacts to get the messaging your product deserves to the largest and wealthiest audience in America.

We will help you define and execute a  strategy laser targeted at driving Boomers to your product.

At Mitchell PR, we get Boomers. Contact me if you want to get them too.

For a look at the Mitchell Poll on Boomers, Smartphones and Health Apps click here

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