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Mitchell Poll says: Boomers Will Listen to Their Doctor to buy Smartphone Medical Apps

July 16, 2012

West Bloomfield, MI — A new Mitchell Poll shows that half of Baby Boomers who own smartphones will buy medical related mobile apps, especially when recommended by a doctor.  There are 78 million Boomers in the U.S. (those born between1946-64) and 24% own smartphones. These 19 million Boomer smartphone users are a huge potential market for mobile app developers.  More importantly, a large number of Boomers will use mobile apps to help them live longer with a higher quality of life.

“Our national survey of 600 smartphone users shows a solid majority (57%) of Boomers are likely to download a general information medical app.  Almost half (48%) would download an app to monitor heart disease, diabetes or other chronic diseases.  Almost half (47%) would also download an app to monitor weight and exercise,” said Suzie Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell PR.  “When asked who would make them most likely to download a health and wellness app, a doctor (60%) was the overwhelming choice over family (18%) or friends (5%).”

Boomers download apps:

  • Almost half (49%) have downloaded six or more apps.
  • A quarter (28%) have downloaded between 1-5 apps.

Boomers need to monitor their health.  A quarter (24%) have either been diagnosed with heart disease (15%), diabetes (7%) or both (2%).

“Seven-in-ten (70%) with diabetes are likely to download a mobile app dealing with diabetes.  Half (50%) with a heart condition would download a heart disease app.  People with serious diseases will download apps to help them live longer,” Mitchell explained.

Seven-in-ten (71%) will pay for medical mobile apps.

  • A third (36%) would spend $1 or $2 on a medical app.
  • Another third (35%) would spend up to $10.

The national online survey (N=600 Smartphone Users) conducted June 19-21, 2012 by Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. has a Margin of Error of + or – 4% at the 95% level of confidence.  It was paid for in its entirety by Mitchell PR.

Mitchell Research, a national polling company based in East Lansing, Michigan, has been polling for the media since 1986. In 2008, its final national Mitchell Poll had Barack Obama victor winning by 7%, the exact margin by which he won.

For a copy of the complete survey report, please contact Suzie Mitchell at


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